From humble Aussie backyards and driveways to some of Australia’s most prestigious golf clubs, corporate headquarters and local government locations, Grass-Cel has been quietly keeping the lawns on high traffic areas looking beautiful for years. If you’re looking for turf traffic areas solutions which are ideal for the handyman or the landscaping professional, Grass-Cel turf paving blocks are your answer. Here’s just a few of the many locations where you can find Grass-Cel standing up to the wear and tear of turf traffic areas.




Schools/College Entry Roads

Singapore boarding school 1 Singapore Boarding School



Fire Engine Access Roads to High Rise Buildings and Apartments

New Picture (3) New Picture (4) New Picture (5)fire-truck


Taylor Swift Concert 2013 NIB Stadium Perth


Grass-Cel is used throughout Australia where concerts are erected on grassed areas in stadiums.  Grass-Cel is used with the hexagon shape placed down on the turf to form a pressure pad for the base of the scaffolding/acgro props for the stage and supports. Once removed there is minimal damage leaving only a small hexagon cut in the lawn that is easily repaired with top dressing and without the need to replace and patch the areas.


Singapore Golf Course/ Used extensively throughout Australian Golf Courses listed on this page.

Singapore Golf Course1 Singapore golf course Singapore Golf Singapore



Pebble Retention Blocks In Garden Pathways

Units in Cronulla


Pathway to Garbage Bins




Stadiums and Playing Fields Australia Wide

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Multi million dollar Award Winning Home in Cronulla

Base For Artificial Turfed Area




Warringah Council Street Parking Bays in Collaroy




Multi Purpose Backyard and Driveway in Paddington Terrace Houses




Satori Springs Resort Reception Parking Area






Castelnau Street Caringbah Park, Sutherland Council Service Vehicle Entry.

5 years after installation