Grass Driveways Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long has Grass-Cel been around?

Grass-Cel has been providing grass driveways solutions for over 37 YEARS. Grass-Cel turf pavers are the original Aussie Turf Paving Block, designed and manufactured specifically as a weight bearing block for vehicles and high traffic areas. Grass-Cel has a successful proven track record for DOMESTIC and COMMERCIAL use. If you’re looking for grass driveway solutions, LOOK NO FURTHER THAN GRASS-CEL, the original and the best!

Will this support my Caravan, 4WD or Heavy Truck and Trailer?

YES, Our product has been laboratory tested and is capable of supporting 26 tonne per block (block size is 323 x 325 tests were performed with empty cells) Once installed and cells are filled, capacity could be 260 tonne plus per sq mtr.

Do Councils identify Grass-Cel as a Porous Paving Alternative to Hard Surfaces?

YES councils do! We have a certificate available on request that can be forwarded with your applications to council.

Why have we not seen this product before?

You probably have and not realised it! When Grass-Cel is installed and maintained correctly Grass-Cel is not visible it is below the grass and looks and is a natural lawn.

Can I install Grass-Cel myself?

Yes, definitely this is an ideal DIY product.

What type of grass should I use?

We recommend that you talk to a landscaper or your local turf supplier to discuss what type of grass is suited for your climate and area, shaded or full sun.

Will it work on a slopping driveway?

We suggest you ask yourself “Could you drive up this slope if the grass is wet.” If your answer is NO then we do not recommend ANY grass driveway. Our product is a weight bearing block it is not a traction block, when installed correctly you will have a grassed area capable of supporting vehicle access.

Can I use Grass-Cel Turf Paving Blocks for pebble driveways and pathways?

Yes! Grass-Cel can be used to provide a solid weight bearing base that will stop hollows and gullies forming and assist with the prevention of wash away of your pebble/gravel driveway and pathways. This is a great porous paved alternative if your driveway slope is to steep for a grassed driveway.

Can I have a colour to suit the pebbles/gravel I will be using?

We can manufacture in a colour to suit your desired request (Please note: special orders will be determined by quantity and incur an additional price)

Can Grass-Cel be used as a drainage block?

Yes. Grass-Cel can double as a drainage block by placing them upside down and covering with a geotextile Grass-Cel becomes a successful drainage cel.