Porous Pebble Retention Systems



CLEAR or specific colours are an additional cost.  Contact us if you require a specific colour.

Pebble-Cel Blocks are Australian made and scientifically designed to support the weight of domestic & commercial vehicles they are the original weight bearing block introduced to Australia by our Grass-Cel Company. Grass-Cel is our Registered Trade Name, we are the original and the best, tested on empty cells to 26 tonne per block. (block size: 325mm x 323mm x 37mm)

Each block is made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells, which introduces amazing structural strength, this unique design allows the blocks to be connected together, using tabs and slots to form a mat of just about any size, Pebble-Cel Blocks are locked together and placed with the flat side facing down, each hexagonal cell has on the flat side a round opening to allow any excess water to drain away. We recommend a geotextile filter fabric be laid on the ground between your prepared base and the blocks, this will assist with containing your pebbles and restricts any washout in heavy rain. Drainage systems, such as Agline may need to be installed this is a personal choice. In all cases, Grass-Cel Porous Retention System must be considered as a pavement and the same design criteria must apply.