Porous Turf Paving Blocks




Eco-friendly recycled materials

Dimensions of block:

325mm x 323mm x 37mm

(10 blocks per pack)

Pack of blocks (10):

covers 0.95m²

Weight: 510 grams per block





Grass-Cel® turf pavers are the original Australian made turf paving block. Grass-Cel® turf pavers are scientifically designed to support the weight of heavy vehicles and pedestrian traffic.



Grass-Cel Root Growth



Designed for stability

Grass-Cel® porous turf pavers are made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells. This allows the blocks to be connected together, using tabs and slots, to form a mat of just about any size. The walls of the cells support traffic, preventing soil compaction and minimising grass wear.

Keeps high traffic lawns healthy!

Each hexagonal cell in our turf pavers has a round opening on its flat base, which serves as a drain. Our turf pavers permit air, water and nutrients to move from the surface to the sub-soil.  Grass roots growing down through the hole into the sub-soil bind and hold the Grass-Cel turf paving blocks permanently in place.

Easy to install

Grass-Cel® turf pavers can be sawn, filled, drilled or shaped with normal hand tools. No pegging is required. The hole at the base of each hexagonal cell also serves to hold Grass-Cel® from shifting on unstable areas. The vertical openings in each cell allow the free movement of root from cell to cell.  The cross movement of stolons, roots and rhizomes (runners) binds the Grass-Cel®  turf paving blocks to each other and helps to further stabilise the paving surface.

Highly durable!

Grass-Cel® turf paving blocks are very durable. They are resistant to rot or decay, vermin and insects, petroleum, oil, regular solvents, weather and temperature extremes, warping, chipping and water. Grass-Cel®  turf pavers are designed as weight bearing blocks and not as a traction block.