Roof Gardens + Lawns



Create beautiful, living roof top and balcony features with ease!

Grass-Cel drainage blocks are Australian made and scientifically designed to support the weight of Roof and Balcony Gardens, Vegetable patches and lawns.
Each block is made up of precisely arranged hexagonal cells.  This allows the blocks to be connected together, using tabs and slots to form a mat of just about any size.
Grass-Cel drainage blocks can be sawn, filed, drilled or shaped with a jigsaw or normal hand tools.
Grass-Cel drainage blocks are locked together and placed with the flat side facing up, each hexagonal cell has on the flat side a round opening.  A geotextile filter fabric needs to be laid on the blocks before the soil is added, the slots in the cells allow excess water to drain away through the openings without loss of soil to the underneath drainage area.
Grass-Cel drainage is a durable system that your DIY person or professional can install. The fact that limited space, the environment and the cost of living are becoming major factors in our day to day living, Grass-Cel drainage systems allows you the opportunity to have fresh herb gardens or vegies growing in close reach even if you have limited space.